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Ja assistir muitos filmes de tsunamis terremotos meteoritos muito existente e acredito que a volta de Jesus cristo está voltando e eu sou Evangélico desde 2013 mais o que diz na bíblia é verdadeira principalmente no apocalipse e estou firme até hoje graças ao nosso Deus meu senhor e vou falar pra casa amigo do YouTube aceita a Jesus cristo enquanto é tempo não é brincadeira quanto mais vcs tiver com estarão cada vez mais salvos dos pecados Amém.

Anytime someone says Laputa I think of the scene in Gintama when they are washed up on the island in the Ryugu Palace arc with the turtles. (Don't know if I spelled it right.) Where everyone does something embarrassing thinking there is no one around. KA - ME - HA - ME - HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!. WTF? I'm a HUGE Ghibli fan and I've never even heard of this. Weird...


Who else did a spit take after the narrator's pronunciation of Laputa 😂😂 Yuppies versus Stooges Watch Online Solarmovie. Br aki huehue ,, foda 2 people hate the ocean. Real chill I also shag everyday Literally, waiting for each episode is killing me. It’s so beautiful, mesmerising, it’s just so much more than the imagination and more people should be able to watch this and appreciate it, because it is tear jerking and incredible..

:) XD We are so little and dumb This song feels very sad... Wow, Never knew Chris did anime Reviews. You have peek my interest. I feel sorry for those who can't appreciate this film. I'm so hyped! The ocean was always interesting to me as a kid. So basically the Woman/Turtule forced the man on the island so he can fall under the infulince of Stockholm Syndrome. Apacalypse movies are so sad There is no heaven on earth WARNER BROS. saw GHOSTBUSTERS and saidJESUS !!! THAT'S A MASTERPIECE.

Please release Mel Trailer soon... I am waiting...


I wish death upon myself after viewing this trailer. Poncho and princess momo ke is mine anybody knows this background music? I really wanna know Disslike iz da. Wemon are not man and men are not wemon. Don't mess with it This is fantastic


9:42 Ponyo (2008) I stopped watching the trailer bc of so many spoilers 😂 but it looks cool as hell, I'll watch


you never listed When Marbie was There....... If you want a good movie with an all female cast just watch Annihilation. The collective holy shit from everyone in the theater when they first saw the wave. After watch 1. episode I cried so much. I am so ashamed being human. What can I do to change it??.

Whats next? Saving Private Ryan - Female Cast? What is this movie called came here from lofi music and tried to watch the movie but i could not find it anywhere ... THOSE AREN'T MOUNTAINS

ISIS said they did it right after

1:00 OMG MEL AT A S**T Damn, 25 years is a long time to receive an English dub for a Ghibli film. I thought Kiki's Delivery Service took a while at 9 years. But this looks like a fun watch. I love the 1960s!. Princess Mononoke is my #1. The characters, the music, the animation, and all work so well. It’s such a beautiful story of cultures clashing, love, and so many other perfectly executed themes. It will always be my number 1. and I watch it religiously. Spirited away is surely worthy of the top three and all other films I can happily watch as well :).

this is so sad :( I dont want my world like this...

Ghostbusters 2 looks good.





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